How It Works?

Social Network Apps and Services, Video Surveillance and Education. We made it really simple for everyone!


One Entry Point And
Infinite Scaling

One entry point and the system will scale up and down depending on usage. From few channels to millions and back to few channels completely automatically.


Live Streaming

RTMP, HLS, DASH and WebRTC simultaneously serving different clients with appropriate streaming format.


Video Recording

Virtually infinite capacity with an index database for fast search. Automatic storage recycling, permanent and temporary video storage.


Playback/VOD streaming

MP4 HTML5 compatible, automatically scaling up and down depending on number of watchers.


Front Ends

Android, iOS and Web front-ends working on any device or browser. Available pre-built and with full source code for a reference.


Video Processing

Clipping and sharing clips, video thumbnails for visual search, transcoding and many more to come. Virtually infinite computing power to run video processing.



Push notifications and e-mail notifications capable to serve millions of users.


Authentication and Administration

Standard interfaces for Authentication: OAuth2 and OpenID. Admin API for management of video sources and usage.

How To Use It?

You can have your new Service up and running in days!


Mobile Apps and Web Front-Ends

We provide:
1. Android and iOS apps with source code that can be customized for your brand and user scenario or used as a reference. Pre-built apps are available for immediate testing on Google Play and App Store.
2. Web front-end with full source code that can be customized for your brand and user scenario or used as a reference.
3. REST API and on-line documentation with interactive API testing web page.


Authentication and Admin

We provide:
1. OAuth2/OpenID authentication server reference code. It’s ready to server as your authentication provider or can be used as a reference for integration with already existing authentication server.
2. Admin API for management of video sources and usage with reference code and online interactive API documentation.


Connect to Video Sources

We provide:
1. Android app that streams video from a built-in camera, with full source code for faster integration. Pre-built app is available for immediate testing on Google Play.
2. C and Python reference code for integration with video sources such as cameras or video IoT devices.
3. Complete Raspberry PI package for quick tests and use as a reference.

Besides, The Platform is ready to connect to any Public RTSP or RTMP URL.

Zero Investments

Zero Investments

It works right away and generates your revenue!

Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

We take care of all support and maintenance, allowing you to focus on your business!

Constant Enhancements

Constant Enhancements

Your customers enjoy all the new features and enhancements as the Platform grows!

Full Control

Full Control

Full control over the traffic and its management.

Full Flexibility

Full Flexibility

Full flexibility with hosting.

Technical Support

Technical Support

A highly qualified team that is always ready to support and develop any customizations for your services.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss your suggestions!

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