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Need a market proven module or develop a custom software? We can do that!

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VXG Professional Services is comprised of creative software and hardware experts who have a passion for video technologies. It’s what we love to do.

With our dedicated team, we’ll help you quickly build a prototype or develop a product, organize support and maintenance and generate revenue.

  • Embedded Video Technologies.

  • Various processors and system on chips (SoC).
  • Kernel, drivers and firmware.
  • RTSP, RTMP and HLS server modules.
  • Open source frameworks: FFMPEG, GStreamer and others.
  • Mobile Video Technologies.

  • Android and iOS video applications.
  • RTSP, RTMP, HLS, MMS and other formats.
  • H/w and s/w decoding, optimization.
  • Various rendering modes, multi-channel playback.
  • Cloud Video Technologies.

  • Automatic scaling from 1 to 1000s of channels.
  • Virtually unlimited recording and processing capability.
  • Video playback in all desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Video Processing.

  • Transcoding and reformatting.
  • Pre- and post-processing.
  • Editing and analysis.

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