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VXG is the most complete and trusted video platform on the market. We’ve provided custom video solutions for NASDAQ companies, large Asian electronic manufacturers, and start-ups that have been acquired for millions to name a few.

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VXG Streaming

Video Streaming Service with infinite scalability, recording, conversion to HTML5 compatible formats and ultra-low latency hosted and maintained by VXG. Or…

Video Streaming Server with the same functionality ready to be hosted on your servers.

Extremely simple to launch your Live streaming, no programming needed.

HTML5 Player, Web and Mobile SDK with tens of samples for fast building of your own solutions.

VXG Mobile

Video Mobile SDK for Playback, Encoding and Streaming video on your Android and iOS devices.

Supports all industry standards making it broadly compatible with other services.

Ultra-low latency playback, local recording, live camera encoding and streaming, video re-encoding and video editing.

Easy to follow documentation and many sample apps with source code.

Our services



Streaming servers and Mobile streaming modules, all using the latest industry standards which makes them broadly compatible and help our customers to maximize their ROI.

Start Ups

Start Ups

We help building prototypes within hours or days. All with minimal investments.



Need a solution fast? We will customize our market proven Streaming and Mobile solutions for your project needs.



Our expert support team ensures your product’s success with our industry leading support staff

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