VXG Software on the International Space Station

VXG is proud to announce that their software is being used on NASA’s newest free-flying robot, Astrobee, which will be on the International Space Station. Astrobee is a robotic cube packed with sensors, cameras, computers, and a propulsion system. It’s designed to help astronauts around the ISS with a variety of tasks.

“Obviously, it’s pretty flattering to see NASA is using software we developed,” says Robert MacMillan of VXG. “We know our software is used by a few drone and UAV companies but to be a part of something like this is very exciting.”

A developer from NASA came across VXG’s RTSP Server on GitHub. After a few days of trial NASA decided this software met the requirements to send the camera footage from Astrobee back down to earth.

By vxg-admin | December 11th, 2017

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