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Please note that the evaluation version has all the features of the full version, except the playback time is limited to 2 minutes.

VXG Video Player SDK for Android

VXG Video Player SDK for iOS

Free Demo RTSP Player UI Template: Try It Yourself!

Download the source code of a RTSP Player demo application for Android on GitHub and feel free to use it!

RTSP Player on GitHub

VXG Video Player SDK: It’s Nice When Things Just Work

Build your own Mobile Video Player within hours! Proven in numerous applications with more than 20 millions users!

Features? We Love Implementing Features!

VXG Mobile Video Player SDK for Android & iOS is designed to help our clients create value with video. With our wide range of features and powerful tools you’ll quickly expand your audience, generate revenue, and create more effective digital communications.

  • All major network formats: RTSP, RTMP, HLS, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, UDP and more!
  • All major file formats: MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV and more!
  • Popular playlists: M3U, XSPF, XML. Automatically builds UI with names and snapshots!
  • All possible screen modes: Single and multiple embedded screens, full screen, digital zoom, position and aspect.
  • Multi-channel playback: Multi-channel playback, smart QoS, video only and key frames only playback.
  • Smart thumbnails: Automatically extracts “main frame” from Live streams and video files.
  • HLS replay and seek: Similar to functionality on a standard iOS player.
  • Tunnelling: RTSP tunnelling over HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Encrypted streams playback: Support of various encrypted formats.
  • Recording: Recording of streams to the local storage
  • Hardware and software decoders: Utilizes hardware decoder where possible, optimized for various platforms.
  • Video preview: Multiple channels , Key-frame preview mode, no audio mode, PIP and preview.
  • Very low latency: CCTV mode optimized for use with RTSP.
Video Player SDK

Video Player SDK

Need a Custom Video Player Today? Choose One of Our Templates!

Ready-to-use based on our SDK applications-templates that can be customized. Just choose the combination of features, that should be supported by your player!

Media Player Light

VXG Media Player light for iOS

A simple and powerful Media Player for iOS able to play multiple streams simultaneously.
RTSP Player for iOS

     VXG RTSP Player      for iOS

A very simple and fast CCTV client and IP cam viewer with simultaneous playback of four online streams.
#1 RTSP Player in Google Play

#1 RTSP Player in Google Play

RTSP Player is a very simple, fast cross-platform media player that plays video and audio from IP cameras & video servers in RTSP, HLS, MMS, RTMP & other formats.
Downloads in Google Play!
VXG Video Player

VXG Video Player with 1M+ users

VXG Video Player is our Free Video player for Android with powerful media decoding capabilities, polished networking and a super smooth user experience.
Downloads in Google Play!
IPTV Player

VXG IPTV Player with 1M+ users

A ready to go IPTV solution, just provide a M3U play list. Based on our market proven framework, IPTV supports all major formats and platforms.
Downloads in Google Play!
Media Player Plus

VXG Media Player Plus Video Trimmer

A smart and simple Media Player + File Cutter with unique Trim Mode – the easiest way to cut and share your videos. A powerful player with minimum settings.

Need A Professional Solution?

We provide professional service in design and development of Mobile Video Playback applications. Take the advantage of our market proven engine and experts who have built industry leading Mobile Video Playback applications. We will respond to your request shortly with a quotation based on your application description.