5 Things to Check Out at CES 2018

With over 3,600 companies and 170,000 attendees, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the most influential tech event in the world. Companies use CES as a platform to launch and announce their latest tech breakthroughs. From the Commodore 64, to the Blu-Ray, to (the biggest break-through in recent years) smart refrigerators, these are examples of products announced at CES. As a first-time vendor, I can’t wait to see what new products are coming out this year. In no particular order, I’ve compiled a list of the booths I will definitely be stopping at.

The Future of Smart Cities 

Location at CES – Westgate, Westgate Pavilion, various booths 

It’s hard to believe that we are now in a time where our cities are becoming ‘smart’. There was a recent announcement that my home city of Toronto would be investing in a smart city makeover. A few things that were mentioned in this proposal were; only autonomous vehicles (self-driving public transportation and taxis), garbage cleaning robots and intelligent signals to manage traffic on pedestrian-friendly streets. I’m excited to visit this section of CES and hear about new ideas and how we can innovate cities.

Samsung Galaxy S9 

LVCC, Central Hall – Booth 15006 

There are rumours that Samsung will be announcing the S9 at CES. While in school I worked part-time for a marketing company Samsung had hired. Our job was to showcase and promote the Samsung Galaxy S2. At that time, the two coolest features were Swype and Google Goggles. I thought Google Goggles was going to become an app people used every day. Obviously, I was a little off on that, as Google hasn’t even updated the app in 3+ years. The Galaxy always brings out awesome innovations and designs; we’ve seen fast charging, to wireless charging, to waterproofing, to bezel-less edges (all of which were soon adopted by a certain fruit company). I am eager to learn what the S9 will bring to the table.

The SureFly by Workhorse 

LVCC, Central Plaza – CP-31 

The world’s first electric octocopter. A $200,000 price tag is out of the averages persons budget but with further developments and innovations that price can only go down. Imagine jumping in your own helicopter to head over to your Sunday morning soccer game? Although, I’m not sure the SureFly is going to be a big success, I will be checking it out.

VXG StreamLand 

Westgate, Westgate Paradise Centre – Booth 501

Of course, I had to include some self-promotion. Here at VXG, we are excited to announce our latest innovation, StreamLand! StreamLand makes streaming video easy. Whether you have a simple task like live streaming to a website or a complex project where you have 1000 cameras with 10,000 viewers, StreamLand will work for you. With our easy to use app, helpful html embedding snippets and a team of video technology experts, we are confident that StreamLand will make your live streaming run smooth and seamless. Come by our booth and say hi!


LVCC, Central Plaza – CP-21 

Google has announced that they will have a booth at CES but haven’t announced what they will be showcasing. Will it be Android? Chrome? Something new? We aren’t sure yet, but you better believe it will be worth stopping by.

Robert MacMillan | Head of Sales | VXG

By vxg-admin | November 30th, 2017

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